How Weed Control is applied

Better spray technology is safer, with better weed killing results.

these nozzles are able to provide good spray coverage with large drop sizes because these air-filled

All of our self propelled ridding spreader sprayers use this state of the art air Induction Technology nozzles and is how most lawns are sprayed for weeds. Extremely low spray volume means your lawn is dry much faster making less potential contact possible. These nozzles are able to provide good spray coverage with large drop sizes because these air-filled droplets shatter or explode on impact to provide coverage comparable or better than conventional spray methods.

Hand Pump with Flat Fan Spray Wand Back Pack


The second most common way you will see us apply weed control. Our Lawns Technicians use these back packs with a flat fan nozzle to fine tune where the Rider spreader sprayers cant get. They are also used to spray specialty weed control products like Post emergent crab grass control, bed treatments, Vegetation Killer and many more.

Blanket or spot shower nozzle hand gun application


This hand application by a technician is usually done only for special circumstances that a larger volume of water is needed for proper coverage.  Or when there are areas that need a blanket with a special product or where our rider sprayer units can not get to.  In many cases you'll see this apply a verity of products like fungicide or insecticides or soil modification or growth regulation treatments not just weed control.

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